Ulster University

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) at Ulster University is a world-leading and internationally excellent, multidisciplinary energy research centre specialising in the development and assessment of Advanced Glazing, Low Energy Building Systems, Bio-energy, Energy Storage, Energy System Techno-Economic and Market Modelling, Heat Pumps, Passive Buildings, Solar Energy and Thermal Comfort.

CST has extensive laboratory and computer simulation facilities available for numerical and experimental analysis of energy systems.

Solaform Ltd

Solaform Ltd

SolaForm Ltd. is an Ulster University spinout company.

The fundamental business objective of SolaForm Ltd. is to develop new market ready, customer focussed innovative solar based technologies and through a process of licensing and technology transfer, manage and support a ‘licensing out’ business model.

The research and development and generation of near market innovative solar thermal technologies is central to the company’s business strategy. The SolaCatcher, based around the patented solar thermal diode technology, is SolaForm’s first commercial domestic solar water heating technology.



dpSun Ltd. was founded in 2015 with the idea of offering adapted solutions to projects suitable to integrate innovative technologies based on Solar Photovoltaic Energy (Solar PV).

dpSun is a multinational brand of Solar PV modules designed and made in Europe. dpSun is committed to work towards the security of energy supply and strongly involved in various research projects.

EmPowered Pty

EmPowered Pty

EmPowered FinTech is a Financial Technology innovation service utilising Mobile, Cloud and Blockchain technologies.

The company is currently in a development program supported by the Botswana Innovation Hub.

EmPowered has successfully secured the support of technology partners across the globe who are providing and supporting the platforms.

EmPowered has been working with the Banking sector to develop services which comply with their modalities.

EmPowered is taking advantage of the leap-frogging and mass adoption of technologies like Mobile services to enable it to reach its customer at the base of the pyramid (BoP) and most in need.

The company is working with the all the Mobile network service providers and is regulatory compliant.