Future Skills Week 2022

UU provides the foundation

Future Skills Week, hosted by Ulster University, is a programme of skills boosting activities for our students and graduates and is delivered by a range of high-profile speakers and industry experts including; Katie Piper, David Meade and the Big Motive.

These events will support students and graduates who are transitioning into the workplace at a time of transformational change across all sectors and job roles.

You build your future

Future Skills Week will offer something for all Ulster University students and graduates including access to a wide range of developmental talks and activities that will help you prepare for the future of work.

Whether you are a Year 1 student exploring how to prepare for a bright future or a final year student preparing for the transition from University, Future Skills Week has something for you. New skills, access to expert coaching and lots more.

Accessing Future Skills Week Events

Ulster University students & recent graduates

Students and recent graduates should register for individual events via the relevant register link. On the day of the relevant event the registration link for each event will change to 'Join Live Session'.

University staff & alumni and Careers Teachers & Prospective students

University staff, alumni as well as Careers Teacher's and prospective students can access live joining links on the day of the event when the register button will change to 'Join live session'.

EDGE Accreditation (current Ulster students)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain certification from the University to acknowledge your participation in Future Skills Week, you can use this to present to future employers. This is available to undergraduate students only.

If you wish to receive EDGE Accreditation, you have the following options

  • Engage with 4 or more workshops and complete a follow up evaluation
  • Engage with a minimum of 3 workshops plus 1 coaching session and complete a follow up evaluation
  • Engage with a minimum of 3 workshops and complete the Future Skills Week Challenge

If you have fulfilled one of the 3 options above please complete this short form to apply for EDGE Award Accreditation.

Register for Future Skills Week Certificate of Attendance

If you attended 4 or more events across Future Skills Week you are eligible for a Certificate of Attendance. Simply complete this short form

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