'It Stays With You' at the Foyle Film Festival

'It Stays With You' tells the story of the UN stabilisation mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, and the work it conducted between 2004-17 after the removal of President Aristide. To counteract violence by ‘bandits’ who operated from poor districts in the capital Port-au-Prince, MINUSTAH began a series of heavily militarised raids which resulted in the deaths and injuries of scores of local people. For the first time, survivors of these raids in the Bois Neuf neighbourhood tell their story.

'It Stays With You' at the Foyle Film Festival

'It Stays With You' at the Foyle Film Festival

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Museum of Free Derry, 55 Glenfada Park, Derry

Between 2004 and 2007 UN peacekeeping troops in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH, carried out several raids on Cité Soleil, a poor neighbourhood of Port-au-Prince.

The raids were targeted against leaders of criminal gangs but scores of civilians were killed, including children, and many more injured. Using participatory practices, this documentary returns to Bois Neuf in Cité Soleil to examine the impact of those raids on the community and to find out how victims have fared in the ten years since they occurred.

Screening followed by Q&A with the filmmakers and Paul O’Connor from the Pat Finucane Centre

For more information, please visit itstayswithyou.com or email Prof Siobhan Wills (s.wills@ulster.ac.uk)

Admission: FREE