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Re-imagining Belfast; sharing the peace walls

10:00 to 15:00
Belfast campus

Main Foyer
Transitional Justice Institute
Contact details
+44(0) 28 9036 8963

This event is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science Northern Ireland

Led by Ulster University's Transitional Justice Institute with local artist David Turner and architect Michael Wilkinson, we will reimagine the peace walls as spaces for sharing and for learning about all sides of the community.

This drop-in workshop will alllow the general public to design their vision for the future of the peace walls using different mediums. David and Michael will create sketches and 2D designs throughout the day and will welcome others to join them in re-imagining the peace walls. 


Artist David Turner and architect Michael Wilkinson have been working for 18 months on a cross-disciplinary, multi faceted project, 'The Theoretical Re-development of Belfast'. While both are firmly grounded in their artistic and architectural practice respectively, they are both conceptually driven. Their work progresses through a mutual understanding that no constraints be placed on ideas. This allows for any and all possibilities and outcomes to be evaluated. No ideas are bad ideas.
Between artist and architect, the project is envisaged as a multi faceted Urban Regeneration project. It seeks to Reimagine the City of Belfast and use this as a catalyst to promote good design throughout the Provence of Ulster. The work is largely artistic in conception and explores many avenues. It is a beginning and a process rather than a conclusion.