Memory, nationalism and masculinities: male survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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12:30 to 14:00
Jordanstown campus

21D51, Seminar Room, Dalriada House
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Joint TJI / INCORE Seminar - Dr Heleen Touquet

'Memory, nationalism and masculinities: male survivors of sexual violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina'

Dr. Heleen Touquet is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium and a research associate at the Centre d’Etudes de Conflits et Crises Internationaux at the Universit√© de Louvain La Neuve. She has published extensively on post ethnic mobilisation and reconciliation in journals such as Europe-Asia Studies, East-European Politics and Societies, Nationalities Papers, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism and others. She has edited a book on EU Enlargement and LGBT Rights together with Koen Slootmaeckers and Peter Vermeersch that was published with Palgrave in 2016. Her current research focuses on gender, masculinities and sexual violence in conflict.

Dr. Touquet will talk about male victims of sexual violence in conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She will focus specifically on how the discursive space for talking about the topic has evolved over the last ten years and how (some) male victims have gotten recognition, reflecting on what this implies for theories of gender and nationalism and theoretical analyses of men as victims of conflict-related sexual violence.

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