It Stays With You: Use of Force By UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

Queen's Film Theatre, University Sq, Belfast
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The UN stabilisation mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, was mandated to provide security following the forced removal in 2004 of President Aristide. There was no armed conflict, but there was civil unrest.

One problem MINUSTAH faced, during its 2004-17 operations, was violence by ‘bandits’ who operated from poor districts in the capital Port-au-Prince. In response, MINUSTAH began a series of heavily militarised raids, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of scores of local people. For the first time, survivors of these raids in the Bois Neuf neighbourhood tell their story.

Followed by a response from Prof Louise Mallinder, and Q&A with the directors. Supported by UU and QUB.

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