NI Bill of Rights: Oral Evidence Session

14:00 to 16:00
Peter Froggatt Centre/03/011, Queen's University Belfast
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Have you ever wondered what happened to the proposed Northern Ireland Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland? Dr Anne Smith (Ulster University) and Professor Colin Harvey (Queen's, Belfast) are undertaking an 18 month project funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust with the aim of progressing the enforcement and implementation of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. At an initial meeting in June they released a Draft Model Bill (see here) which is based upon the 2008 advice of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. 

They would now like feedback on this Draft Model Bill and one opportunity to provide this will be at an oral evidence session on 14 December from 14:00-16:00 in Queen's University Belfast, Peter Froggatt Centre/03/011, which is being held in conjunction with the Human Rights Consortium. 

Smith and Harvey note,
"We are aware that there  have  been  changes  since 2008,  and  any  model  Bill  will  need to  reflect  the  current situation.  This discussion  is  a  first  step  to  gauge reactions  and  responses  and  we  would appreciate  your  thoughts.  Your  feedback  will be  taken  into  consideration  when  we are preparing another redraft model Bill. This redraft model Bill will be part of the overall policy report which will be published in 2018."

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