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The Life in Lockdown Series is a series of interviews (Q&A) with key people in our University community.

This chat features Mark Latuske, Deputy Director of People and Culture (Employee Experience) and it takes place online via Zoom on Thursday 25 June from 12pm to 12.30pm.

There will be opportunity to hear more from each person about how they are experiencing life in lockdown and questions will include:

  • What does life at home look like?
  • How are you balancing work alongside other demands?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What is helping you?
  • Are there professional and personal lessons you are learning at this time?
  • How are you preparing for the future?

Please note the link to access the Zoom chat will be in your email confirmation under Additional Information.

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This event has ended

Thursday 25 June

12pm to 12.30pm

Online via Zoom

Wo/men's Network at Ulster