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  • What does it mean that consent needs to be ongoing?

    Consent is required throughout all sexual activity – not just intercourse (or “full sex”). Just because someone consents to one thing, that doesn’t mean they’re consenting to everything – so you have to check in with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page through every step of sexual activity.

    Ongoing also means that everyone can change their mind at any time during sexual activity, even after they’ve said yes to something.

  • What does it mean that consent needs to be mutual?

    Consent is a mutual agreement shared between both partners, which means it’s about doing things you AND your partner want to do. Mutual agreement means that everyone is on the same page about what’s happening during sex, and most importantly – everyone is enjoying it.

  • What does it mean that consent needs to be freely-given?

    Freely-given consent means that nobody has been coerced, intentionally misled, forced or pressured against their will or is under excessive intoxication by drugs and/or alcohol, and everyone is engaging in sexual activity because they want to.

  • When do you need consent?

    You need consent for all types of sexual activity- including but not limited to kissing, touching, oral sex, intercourse and sexting/sending nudes.

    You also need consent every time you engage in sexual activity with someone; even if you’re in a relationship. Just because you or your partner consents to one sexual act does not mean that they consent to other acts.

    And, just because someone did something once doesn’t mean they consent to it again.

    It’s always best to just ask for consent, for everything and every time.

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