Global Buddy Scheme

Our Global Buddy scheme is a mentoring scheme where we match new international students to existing Ulster students.

What is it?

Our Global Buddy scheme is a friendly mentoring scheme where we pair our International students with current Ulster students to help them settle into life on campus and Northern Ireland.

We understand that coming to live in a new country is very exciting, but it can also be stressful, and it may take time for our international students to adapt to their new surroundings. This scheme helps support this transition.

Who can apply?

How does it work?

Global buddies will be required to complete an online application. We will then match each mentee with a mentor according to similar preferences or special requests.

Mentors will introduce themselves to their Mentee prior to the start of the Semester and they will be provided with a brief training session.

A welcome event will be organised for each campus where everyone can meet in person for the first time to become acquainted.

We recommend that buddies make regular contact with each other and this can be via telephone, social media, e-mail or in person whichever the buddy prefers.

Please note: that in-person meeting might not be possible during COVID-19 and alternative arrangements will be made.

The matching process will occur prior to the start of the Semester.

How long does it last?

The Global Buddy Scheme will last for one Semester only.

Global Buddies are expected to spend at least 1- 2 hours a week with their buddy’s and meet up in person at least every 2 weeks (where possible).

What do past buddies say?

Jessica Butler, Belfast Campus

It was a great opportunity to interact with international students. I'm glad I could have been a helpful resource to someone who needed help.

Anna Forte, Coleraine Campus

Seeing my buddy’s confidence and language skills increase was rewarding and we became great friends which was a bonus. We learned phrases from each other’s languages, which made the experience even more interesting and fun.

Zeina Karara, Belfast Campus

I was fortunate to be paired with a buddy who I had a lot in common with as we came from a similar social and cultural background.

Jessica Yong, Magee Campus

Meeting my buddy and hanging out with their friends, encouraged me to become involved in student union activities which helped my transition into Ulster life.

Jana Alscherova, Coleraine Campus

The scheme has been great, especially when I did not know how to buy or how to do something. I received great tips of places to go and visit which was useful and I never felt alone at Ulster.

Charline Pereira, Belfast Campus

I learned some of the local ways and customs which I enjoyed.