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If you know which form you are looking for - see Quick links to court forms.

If you are unsure which form you need, follow the link to the level of court you are applying or responding to.

There are separate forms for different types of applications and for the different courts. There are also forms for responding to a summons.

  • If you have a legal representative, they should deal with the forms for you.
  • If you are representing yourself, you are required to complete the forms when you apply or are a party to a case.

Usually, applications start at the Family Proceedings Court.

More complex cases may start at the Family Care Centre or, in exceptional circumstances, a case that started in the Family Proceedings Court may be transferred to the Family Care Centre or the High Court.

Appeals of a decision made by the family court are made to the court where the decision was made - see Which court deals with family cases?

Forms for family court