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About the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is home to those who dare to think differently, ask big questions and explore stories and cultures beyond their own. We are internationally renowned for our provision in humanities and the arts.

Our students learn to read closely, write clearly and speak confidently. These are skills the world needs and that you can take anywhere. An arts degree will help you discover your passion and develop your talents.

We are primarily based on two campuses, Coleraine and Magee, within our faculty we have four schools: Creative Arts and Technologies; English and History; Irish Language and Literature; and Media, Film and Journalism.

Our courses allow you to better understand the human experience and give you an insight into the past, as well as tools to imagine the future.

Take a tour around our new building (media studios and creative spaces) at Coleraine in our interactive tour or check out our Drone Tour of the Coleraine campus.

Research Intensive

We are Ulster University's most research-intensive faculty, and our teaching is inspired by the range and depth of our scholarship. Our innovative curriculum, developed and delivered by staff who share your passion for learning, will challenge and change you.

Throughout our course portfolio, we deliver excellent teaching and learning in world-class facilities. For students taking technology-intensive courses, facilities include: a television studio; Apple labs; sound studios; recording and imaging equipment; multimedia language learning labs and software; multimedia research archives; and video editing suites. Students on more traditional library-based courses have access to the University's rich collection of books and journals, as well as a wide range of electronic resources, accessible round the clock in well-equipped computer labs.

Employers Want Our People

Employers in every industry and institution seek people capable of original thought, analysis, and creativity, people who communicate well, who can adapt their skills to new situations, and who can keep learning and developing. Some of the world's most successful journalists, lawyers, business leaders, writers, actors, advertisers and teachers studied arts at university.

Regardless of your future career path – business, banking, administration, law, public service, teaching, journalism, or politics – certain abilities remain valuable in every context. That is what the arts and humanities are all about.

An arts degree from Ulster University will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make your mark in a competitive job market.