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Amnesty a line in the sand?

Prof Brandon Hamber writes on statute of limitations proposal.

16 July 2021

Ulster Student named as Law Neuberger prize winner

Law student Colm Crothers has been named the first ever Ulster University student to be awarded the Neuberger Prize.

15 July 2021

Ulster’s Celtic researchers strengthen their connection to Brittany

Dr Maxim Fomin, Research Director – Modern Languages and Linguistics at Ulster University, has been appointed Visiting Professor at University of Western Brittany (Brest) at the Centre for Research in Breton and Celtic (CRBC) for five years.

14 July 2021

Ulster University’s EDGE Excel Student of the Year graduates with an accolade of achievements

Emily Osborne graduates from Ulster University this summer with a BDes First Class Hons in Graphic Design and Illustration.

9 July 2021

Ulster PhD graduate shines spotlight on portrayal of mental health and suicide in filmmaking

John Deery graduates from Ulster University this summer with a PhD in Cinematic Arts

9 July 2021

Ulster graduate uses creative skills to support others during the pandemic

Emma Hetherington graduates this summer with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

8 July 2021

Mature student pushes through barriers to graduate with degree in Language and Linguistics

Adelaida Graham, graduates this summer from Ulster University with a BSc Hons in Language and Linguistics.

7 July 2021

Ulster University leaders look forward to a new era in the heart of Belfast

Ulster University is now on the countdown to moving into the £363.9million campus, identified as one of the biggest academic capital builds across the UK and Europe

6 July 2021

Welcome to the Team Ciara Fitzpatrick

Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick joins our team.

1 July 2021

Dr Selbi Durdiyeva

Congratulations to Dr Selbi Durdiyeva on her PhD viva on 30 June 2021!

1 July 2021

Law, Democracy and the European Court of Human Rights

Book Launch of Rory O'Connell's new book 'Law, Democracy and the European Court of Human Rights' (Cambridge 2020).

28 June 2021

Year 1 Law Insight with A & L Goodbody LLP

The event took place on 14-15th June 2021

25 June 2021

Hidden barriers and divisive architecture

Article by David Coyles, Brandon Hamber, and Adrian Grant

25 June 2021

Polling on a Bill of Rights

Research project with Dr Anne Smith and Prof Colin Harvey

25 June 2021

Standardisation of Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Politics - New four-year grant

We are delighted at TJI to be part of a major new four-year research project funded by ‘Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond’ (Independent Research Fund Denmark): ‘Standardisation of Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Politics’.

21 June 2021