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Gutiérrez Danton, J.A., Hoddy, E., and McGill, D. (Eds.) Justicia transformativa y cuestión agraria [Transformative Justice and the Agrarian Question]. Medellín: Universidad Santo Tomas Ediciones.

For decades, Colombia has suffered from an armed conflict that has the agrarian question at its very roots. While a number of Transitional Justice initiatives in Colombia have addressed problems of land restitution, the sheer scale of inequality and the need for redistributive measures have been largely absent from the debate.

In this volume,  José A. Gutiérrez (Université Libre de Bruxelles & Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia), Eric Hoddy (University of York), and Daire McGill (University of Oxford) discuss the intersections between agrarian inequality, structural and systemic violence, and peacebuilding from a Transformative Justice approach with a focus on the Colombian case.

The two chapters written by Hoddy & Gutiérrez and McGill are followed by critical commentaries written by:

  • Rocío Del Pilar Peña Huertas (Universidad del Rosario, Colombia)
  • Irene Vélez-Torres (Minister of Mines and Energy, Colombia)
  • Diana Marcela Muriel Forero (Comisión Colombiana de Juristas).

At a time when peacebuilding in Colombia is being discussed from the perspective of structural reforms, this debate is both urgent and necessary.

Event Structure

Overview of the book, presented by:

  • José A. Gutiérrez (Université Libre de Bruxelles & Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia)
  • Daire McGill (University of Oxford)

This will be followed by responses from:

  • Brandon Hamber (Ulster University)
  • Claire Wright (Queens University Belfast)
  • Dr Frances Thomson, (independent researcher).

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Wednesday 29 March

4.30pm to 5.30pm