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1 Week Intensive Summer School

Gain fresh perspectives on Irish History, culture and politics with Ulster University's unique Irish Summer School.

Reflect on your day's learning while sitting around a campfire in Donegal, exploring ancient lands with local tour guides, learning ceili dancing with local musicians and enjoying the unique Irish hospitality of the North West.

  • 7 Nights Stay (2-9 June 2024)
  • Contemporary Masterclasses
  • Heritage Walks and Tours
  • Lunch and Dinner included
  • Tory Island Adventure
  • Bespoke Activities

About the Summer School

The one-week intensive Global Irish Studies Summer School is designed to introduce you to the value of studying contemporary issues of global concern through the prism of Ireland.

With a focus on people and place as guiding themes for learning, you will be immersed in the history, culture and contemporary societal issues facing Ireland in a globalised world.

You will be based at Ulster University’s historic Derry campus in Derry-Londonderry, which provides the ideal base for learning about and exploring the rich history and culture of north-west Ireland.


Teaching takes place on campus and through walking tours of the city, museum and heritage centre visits, fields trips to other parts of Ulster, and an immersive experience along the Wild Atlantic Way coastline in Donegal.

Issues of identity and division

Issues of identity and division are explored from the 17th century Plantation of Ulster through to the impact of Brexit on the north of Ireland.

Hands-on masterclasses

Hands-on masterclasses introduce students to literature and language that is rooted in place and continues to impact on contested identities in the present.

Representations of identity

Representations of identity are explored through heritage masterclasses with leading experts in the field and visits to award-winning museums and exhibitions.

A field trip to rural mid-Ulster facilitates

A field trip to rural mid-Ulster facilitates the exploration of environmental and ecological issues, as well as providing a focus on the impacts of migration within and beyond the island of Ireland.

The violent history of Ireland

The violent history of Ireland in the 20th century forms a core part of the content.

The Troubles and peace process

The Troubles and peace process in Northern Ireland provides a focus for the study of the impacts and legacy of urban violence, division and segregation in urban contexts globally.

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Sunday 2 June to Sunday 9 June

School of Arts and Humanities

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