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This online workshop will explore the innovative and transformative role of Generative AI in education. This event will serve as an international platform for sharing insights, research, and practical use cases of AI-driven future-leaning approaches in teaching practices.

The workshop will present an invaluable opportunity for educators, researchers, and AI practitioners to contribute to the discourse on AI in education, influence policy-making, and shape the future of teaching and learning.

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Key Themes

  • Innovative Applications of Generative AI in Education
  • Challenges and Solutions in Implementing AI in Academic Contexts
  • Evaluating the Impact of AI on Teaching and Learning Processes
  • Developing Ethical and Responsible AI Practices in Education
  • Case Studies of AI Integration in Educational Institutions
  • Future Trends and Directions in AI-based Educational Tools

Invited speakers

  • Sue Attewell - Head of AI and co-design at Jisc
  • Andy Jaffrey -  Head of the Office for Digital Learning at Ulster University

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Join us in this endeavour to harness the potential of AI for educational excellence and innovation. We look forward to your insightful contributions!

Workshop organisers

  • Dr Muskaan Singh, Ulster University
  • Dr Juliana Gerard, Ulster University
  • Antoine Rivoire, Ulster University
  • Dr Usman Hadi, Ulster University
  • Dr Kelly Norwood, Ulster University
  • Dr Aisling Reid, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Jocelyn Dautel, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Zhiwei Lin, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Tanmoy Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Dr Caitlin Meyer, University of Amsterdam
  • Dr Adina Camelia Bleotu, University of Bucharest

This workshop is supported by joint funding from the International Science Partnerships Fund (UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology) to Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Bucharest.

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Friday 12 April