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Involving people who have mental health difficulties in the assessment process

Paul Webb Praxis Care

Professionals who work within mental health services play a key role in assessment and decision making processes. Often the people who are subject to these processes find them to be distressing and disempowering. This presentation examines the experience of people who have used mental health services. It will consider ways in which people can be more involved in decisions that are made about their wellbeing.

Paul Webb is Head of Research for Praxis Care, a provider of services for people with mental health problems, intellectual disabilities and neurodiversity in the UK and Ireland. Paul leads the research programme at Praxis Care. He previously worked as a Research and Information Officer at NIACRO.

DARES Seminar Series 2022 -2023

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All of the seminars will be from 10am to 12noon—online via Zoom

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Wednesday 23 November

10am to 12pm