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The aim of the CPM

The aim of the CPM is to enhance the regional research capability while serving as a magnet for regional and FDI industry to create innovative products and new optimised care pathway tools in priority disease areas for patients and commercial benefit.The five Research Clusters  will use the methods and technologies from personalised medicine and apply them to heart disease, emergency surgery, acute kidney injury, unscheduled care in diabetes and diagnostic accuracy in dementia. These are areas associated with significant clinical need and commercial potential and will benefit significantly from the interdisciplinary academic and commercial cross-border expertise and collaboration. The major strength of the CPM resides in the expertise of the assembled highly complementary multidisciplinary team of clinicians, academic researchers and enterprises.

Objectives are to:

  • Improve the triage of patients with chest pain to allow more appropriate and rapid emergency referral for Primary Coronary Intervention
  • Identify determinants of outcomes in emergency surgery to improve care pathways and reduce morbidity and mortality
  • Improve earlier recognition of Acute Kidney Injury to reduce mortality, morbidity and hospital stay
  • Improve the self-management of diabetes to reduce unscheduled care episodes and hospital admissions
  • Develop tools which will allow earlier diagnosis of dementia and therefore earlier clinical intervention and support