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It’s great to see you on campus.

More than three years after the beginning of the pandemic, living life covid-aware is central to ensuring that the vibrant and inspiring campus environment that is so central to the identity and purpose of Ulster University can continue.

By following some simple measure everyone can play a part as we look after ourselves and each other

Your Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our staff, students, families and the wider community is our top priority.

So, some things may still look a little different.

COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations

Vaccines are the best defence against COVID-19 and other respiratory infections such as flu.

We continue to encourage staff and students to take up the opportunity to get vaccinated and boosted where offered.

If an appointment is scheduled for during working hours, arrangements should be put in place at a local level to allow staff to attend.


It is important to be aware of symptoms so you can take action to reduce the risk of spreading your infection to other people.

If you have you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive, please don’t come onto campus.

Stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

Inform your manager or course director straight away by phone or email and follow public health guidance.

Do this until you no longer have a high temperature (if you had one) or until you feel better.

For Managers

Managers must fill in the self-isolation notification form.

Covid Self-Isolation Notification Form

Icon for Cleaning and hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene

Please use the hand sanitiser stations at the entrance to campus buildings.

Continue to wash your hands well and often.

Icon for Face Coverings

Face Coverings

Face Coverings are available at campus reception desks.

Please respect those who decide to wear a face covering.

Icon for Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Social distancing is encouraged on campus.

Please respect those who are carrying out social distancing.

Your Questions Answered

I am a member of staff and have symptoms of COVID. What do I do?

Do not come on campus. Contact you Line Manager without delay, work from home if able to and complete isolation form, follow the Public Health Guidance.

A member of my staff team have informed me they have COVID. Can I ask them to provide a negative COVID test before returning?

COVID-19 testing is no longer recommended or available for most people therefore a negative test is not required.

Who can I get advice from regarding  COVID?

Please talk to your line manager in the first instance.

People and Culture or our Trade Unions and USSU may be able to assist any further questions you may have.