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The Confucius Institute at Ulster University was officially launched on the 13th April 2012 by the Chinese State Councillor Madame Liu Yandong and continues to grow and develop important cultural, academic and business relationships between China and Northern Ireland.

Through our network of Confucius Classrooms, children in Northern Ireland have been afforded an opportunity to learn what is being described as one of the key languages of the future and by far the most predominant language in the world today.

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Launch of Confucius Institute

In July 2011, Ulster University was chosen to host a Confucius Institute in Northern Ireland.

Our Chinese Partner Hubei Normal University

Throughout China there are approximately 200 universities that are specialised in training teachers. Thees institutions are referred to as ‘normal’ or teachers’ universities. In the vas majority of these normal universities bachelors degrees are offered, whilst around 10% offer masters degrees.