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CARL is an exciting new cutting edge research centre that brings together businesses, government and advanced research expertise.  CARL is unique in that it is conceived and built from the ground up through collaborative consultation with our industry and civic stakeholders with a strong focus on economic and societal impact.

Partner companies will come together with world class researchers to find novel and innovative application areas for cognitive analytics techniques.

The collaborations will provide a multiplier effect to company’s research and development efforts leading to accelerated development times and the creation of new and improved products, services and solutions. CARL will provide opportunities for co-creation and cross pollination of ideas through multi-sector, multi-disciplinary teams with secondments between Industry, Academia and Civic Society.

In developing our vision for CARL we have had a series of workshops with key stakeholders, including industry, local councils, colleges and development agencies. Our delivery partners Letterkenny Institute of Technology and Catalyst Inc. have been instrumental in this process.

We are partnering with Catalyst Inc. on the delivery of our civic engagement with the wider community and creation of an entrepreneurial eco-system. Development of skills in data analytics and increasing research capacity in the region are key cornerstones of CARL and we are partnering with Letterkenny Institute of Technology to deliver this on a cross border basis.

Key components of the CARL:

Data Analytics Competence Centre

With a strong focus on industry engagement we will bring together world class cutting edge research with real life practical industry requirements that will enhance collaboration. Our model will be to co-create and co-transfer knowledge and IP with industry.

Data Analytics Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)

Ulster aims to establish a DTC to ensure that Northern Ireland and the UK has a strong and sustained pipeline of future innovators and research leaders in Cognitive Data Analytics tools, techniques and theoretical underpinning, encompassing the hardware, software, design, performance and reliability of solutions.

Data Science Academy

Skills and knowledge transfer are embedded into the DNA of CARL. Ulster has designed and delivered the first such academy with local companies to ensure that graduates have the skills and experience required. This academy will be offered on an annual basis as we continue our commitment to upskill local talent.

MSc Data Science

Ulster is introducing an MSc in Data Science in September 2017 to ensure there is a pipeline of skilled graduates so that Northern Ireland can maximise the potential to maintain and attract businesses and jobs in the area of data analytics.

Data Analytics Foresight Initiative

The civic responsibility and endeavour of the centre will be channelled into this engagement with schools and the wider community to embed the knowledge and opportunities afforded to establish this region as a living centre of excellence in data analytics.