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Request a Replacement Award Certificate

Certificates are provided for students who successfully complete a course leading to an award of the University or of the Edexcel Foundation (BTEC).

Students whose award certificate has been lost, destroyed, or damaged and who require a replacement award certificate should complete a request for a replacement award certificate. The fee for this is £50.

An award certificate is a unique and valuable document and should be kept in a safe place. The loss or destruction of a certificate is a serious matter and a replacement will only be issued at the discretion of the University.

Please note:

  • Award certificates will not be issued to students who are in debt to the University.
  • Damaged certificates must be posted to your campus Examinations Office before a replacement can be issued.
  • The University reserves the right not to issue a replacement certificate, particularly if the original is still in existence and is regarded as being in a reasonable condition.
  • There will be no further charge for the replacement of additional award certificates. You may add details of one additional award to the request. If you need to replace more than two award certificates, please email your campus Examinations Office.
  • You should allow three weeks office processing time for this application.

Click here for more information on Edexcel Foundation (BTEC) and Council of National Academic Awards (CNAA) replacement award certificates.

Go to the Ulster University Online Store to purchase a replacement award certificate.

Request a Transcript

Click on the link below to request a transcript / confirmation of award

Qualifications and Credit Framework

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

We provide a HEAR to graduates of the University who were enrolled on full-time undergraduate degree courses, or integrated Master’s degrees, from 2011/12 and studied at the Belfast, Coleraine, Jordanstown or Magee campus.

The HEAR is a digital document containing a detailed record of academic and non-academic achievements gained while studying at Ulster University to supplement the traditional degree award. It is available to graduates.

  • Why engage with the HEAR?

    Your HEAR document is designed to showcase your skills and achievements to enhance your employability or opportunities for further study.

    It does this by capturing not just your academic achievements but also other achievements and contributions outside your degree programme, recognised by the University as representing real achievement. (See list below of HEAR recognised activities.)

  • What's included?

    The HEAR includes modules taken, results obtained and qualification.

    It also provides information about the qualification and requirements for obtaining the award.

    Activities and roles undertaken outside the academic curriculum are displayed at section 6.1 of the document.

  • Who will see my HEAR?

    Your HEAR can be shared electronically with authorised third parties such as employers to support job applications or postgraduate tutors when applying for further studies.

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