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Transform your future with postgraduate study.  Whether you want to build your expertise and skills, change career, or grow your business, our postgraduate short courses are the ideal building block in reaching your ultimate goal.

At Ulster University we offer a range of postgraduate short courses, across various subject areas, which can be taken individually or combined over a period of time towards the Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development award.  The Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development is awarded when a combination of short courses worth 60 credit points in total have been successfully completed.

Ulster’s short courses can support your personal and continuing professional development (CPD) and boost your career prospects.

You can choose to complete one short course and then return to take a further course at a later stage (any credits will be retained for you)**.  You may also have the option to transfer your short course credits onto a Postgraduate / Master’s programme, that aligns with the subject area within one of our four Faculties, at Ulster University.

** To maintain currency, it is recommended that combinations of short courses leading to the award of the Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development are completed within a five-year timeframe.

How our Short Courses and CPD can benefit you

  • Gain specialist skills
  • Personalise your short courses that best fit your development needs
  • Study professional relevant courses and boost your CV
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Contribute towards the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Continuing Professional Development

Read from Karen Bradbury from Invest NI who decided to take the leap and complete a short course in Financial Theory, Products & Markets:

An important part of my role as Financial Services Sector Lead for Invest NI is working with global financial institutions based in NI and I’ve wanted to get a more detailed understanding of their markets for some time.

So, when I heard about the short course in Financial Theory, Products & Markets through the Department for Economy Skill Up initiative, I decided to sign up. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the short course and I was reassured that it was suitable for consultants working in the FS industry, however
it turned out to be a module from the MSc in Fintech Management!

It’s been many years since I’ve studied formally and I found the course challenging, particularly when I was trying to recall maths from my engineering degree and revising for class tests. However I managed to complete it successfully with the excellent support and online resources available from Ulster
University as well as the support and patience of my family.

On a professional level, I now have a much more in-depth knowledge of the FS industry which is proving beneficial to my role.

Personally, I found learning something new and using my brain in a different way truly rewarding and I felt a real sense of achievement when I completed the course.

So much so, that I’ve signed up for another one and I’m seriously considering completing the MSc in Fintech Management.

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