Access to Education for Everyone

Access to Education for Everyone

We believe in creating access to education for everyone. What do you believe in?

Our Community Scholarships aim to remove the financial barriers to encourage those most-at-risk to progress to higher education.

Only one in six pupils who need free school meals go on to university. So many young people who have the potential and desire to succeed at university are held back by a web of circumstances, from finances and responsibilities at home, to lack of confidence, encouragement and role models within their communities.

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Social equity and Economic Opportunity

We believe that in order to drive social equity and increase economic opportunity for all, it is essential that more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds graduate with qualifications, experiences and skills that help them into the workforce.

And there is no doubt that, for many, lack of finance is the main barrier.

Our Community Scholarships will help such individuals, those most able and willing but most likely to slip through the net, by helping to remove financial barriers.

Access is the greatest tool we have to help achieve equality of opportunity in our society.

“There is no doubt that for our most disadvantaged pupils, lack of finance is a major deterrent for pupils when it comes to the choice to continue their education or go straight into a job and that for many, progressing to university and getting a degree, can transform their and their families lives.

These scholarships could be the deciding factor in making this difference.”

Vice Principal, Hazelwood Integrated Aine Leslie

“School was a very difficult time for me. I was bullied from a young age, and this took a huge toll on my mental health, it was a hard challenge for me to overcome.

Things got easier when I started to study IT at Northern Regional College.I was diagnosed with dyslexia and got the support I so badly needed.

I am an unpaid carer for both my mother and grandmother, so juggled my studies with these caring responsibilities but I worked hard to achieve my goals and now I have made it to university. I am so proud to have excelled in my course to gain entry to University and am now loving my course so far.

Thank you so much for this Scholarship. Not only will it significantly help alleviate the financial burden that comes with being a student, it also makes me so proud to have been selected.

It is a reminder of all that I have overcome and achieved to get me where I am today.”

BDes Hons Games Design, Belfast Community Scholar 2021 Ethan Smythe