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Hosted by #UUWomensNetwork, UU Development and Alumni Relations Office and the UU Staff DisAbility Network (SDN), and is open to all.

Join us on 26th January 2022 1.00pm - 4.00pm (GMT)

Event  overview

Over the last 18 months the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of our physical and mental wellbeing and during this time we have encouraged you in your good-health journey.

To help us remain focused on this moving into the new year, you are invited to join us online for the third Annual Conference of Ulster University's Wo/men's Network where we will be engaging with a range of experts on different aspects of personal wellbeing.

Our three-hour conference will include academic speakers, wellbeing practitioners, small business owners and influencers who all have a great track record when it comes to advising and helping us to stay healthy.

During this event, we will be offering keynote talks, a panel discussion focusing on physical health and breakout sessions demonstrating practical tools to help you manage different aspects of your health.  See below for further information on the topics, speakers and schedule.

Schedule and speakers


Welcome and setting the scene


In conversation with Professor Terri Scott, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Ulster University: practising and supporting good wellbeing and self care in a leadership role


Keynote talk: The Importance of good mental health and developing coping strategies with Professor Siobhan O’Neill, Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland.

Professor Siobhan O’Neill's research programmes focus on trauma, mental illness and suicidal behaviour in Northern Ireland, and the transgenerational transmission of trauma.

As Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland, she advises and assists in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing through all policies and services throughout the province.

Her role is as a public advocate for mental health, and to be a voice for those otherwise voiceless.

2pm to 2:45pm

Panel discussion on physical health:

  • Stephen McPeake – graduate of UU and Founder of Civic Dollars, a Smart Cities project designed to improve public health by incentivising activity through a community currency.
  • Dr Jonathan Bloomfield – graduate of UU and Director of Support to Perform Ltd which specialises in employee engagement, wellbeing, productivity and performance services. More recently Jonny has launched the Oopla App which supports group activity challenges.
  • Anne Paul – graduate of UU and Sports Officer with Ulster University Active.
  • Gary Kane – graduate of UU and Campus Advisor, Wellbeing with Ulster University.
  • Marie Duffy – graduate of UU and Student Wellbeing Manager with Ulster University.

2:45pm -  3:15pm

Activity breakout sessions with key specialists covering:

  • Mindfulness - Caroline Stewart, Founder of Mindfulness NI, a professional, accredited mindfulness training organisation, teaching skills to live a happier, healthier and more connected life.
  • Making the most of your money - Sean Bruen, Director of Kith and Kin Wellbeing, a unique social enterprise providing access to free financial advice and educational workshops to improve financial knowledge and capability.
  • Nutrition - Sal Hanvey, Owner of Natural Health NI. A qualified nutrition advisor and an award winning Therapist specialising in reflexology and acupuncture for fertility and maternity.
  • Menopause - Stephanie Reid, a wellbeing consultant, specialising in menopause, a keynote speaker, trainer and a graduate of UU.


Keynote talk: Serena Terry aka Mammy Banter, Tik Tok star, author, owner of digital media agency and graduate of Ulster University

Best known as the face behind TikTok sensation, Mammy Banter, with a social media following of over 1.6 million followers, Derry/Londonderry-based Serena is the founder of digital marketing agency, Catchy Co.

She has worked in Digital Marketing for the last 15 years and helped to grow e-learning company Learning Pool, and social prescribing software company, Elemental.

She released her first fiction novel with Harper Collins earlier this year. Serena is also a graduate of Ulster, having studied a BSc Hons in Advertising.

Although Serena can bring humour to many delicate topics, here she will also cover the seriousness and importance of mental wellbeing, not only for mothers but for society as a whole. Helping us move into the new year with focus, energy and optimism.


Final summary and close

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Wednesday 26 January

1pm to 4pm