About Student Wellbeing

About Student Wellbeing

The supportive Wellbeing team offer holistic guidance on a range of mental and physical wellbeing concerns as well as confidential advice and support to students with undiagnosed mental health conditions, personal issues and academic issues.

The team promote positive wellbeing to students through awareness raising activities and health campaigns including drug and alcohol awareness, sexual consent and the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues among the student population.  The wellbeing team also provide training workshops to students and staff to better understand the barriers and opportunities to better health and wellbeing at University.  Workshops include supporting the transition to university, managing stress and increasing resilience.

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It's ok not to feel ok

It's ok not to feel ok

Student Wellbeing

Out of University hours (24 hours)

Informed Minds App

The Informed Minds App aims to support and help young people with their Mental Health Wellbeing by providing a range of Lived and Learned short vlogs and blogs from young people on various Mental Health Wellbeing topics.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Support

Mental health

Our mental health information will explain the range of common mental health issues and let you know how to access...


Find out more about our counselling service and who to call when you are in need.

Physical wellbeing

In order to stay happy and healthy you need to remember to take care of body as well as your mind.

Academic support

Find out how we can help you with any academic problems you are having.

Healthy relationships

It is important to maintain supportive healthy relationships. If you have any concerns about a relationship come and talk to...

Health services

Learn how you can look after your physical health at university.

Sexual Consent

Consent happens when all people involved in any kind of sexual activity agree to take part by choice.

Alcohol and Drugs

Honest facts about drugs and alcohol can help you make better choices enabling you to be safe and stay well.