About The Consumer Insight Lab

About The Consumer Insight Lab

Welcome to the cutting-edge Virtual Reality (V.R.) convenience store, nestled on the vibrant Coleraine campus of Ulster University. Crafted in collaboration with FPP and Spar NI, this innovative store stands as the sole of its kind across the entire island of Ireland.

Step into the future of retail with our revolutionary V.R. operating system, providing an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Developed for commercial testing and shopper behavioural studies, this technology allows us to delve deep into understanding how customers navigate and engage with visual cues in-store. Explore their preferences in specific product categories and responses to packaging cues, unlocking valuable insights for brands and retailers.

But that's not all – within this innovative lab, we introduce the Vulcan store of the future model, a visionary concept designed to propel retailers into 2050. Immerse yourself in the latest retail thinking, challenging conventional norms and inspiring retailers to envision store layouts and designs that resonate with the shoppers of tomorrow. Click below to explore this transformative space!

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Consumer Insight Lab at Ulster University