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Lighthouse 2016-2021

Donovan Wylie’s Lighthouse series, 2016-2021, explores the subject of borders in the wake of Brexit through photography.

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27 Nov 2021 - 15 Jan 2022
84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast, BT1 2LU

Event Details

Golden Thread Gallery, with Ulster University, is pleased to present a new exhibition by one of our distinguished artists and academic staff.

The exhibition explores Wylie’s Lighthouse series, 2016-2021. This photographic series explores the subject of borders in the wake of Brexit. The artist utilises the physical barrier of the sea to highlight our current borders and those we may have in a post-Brexit future such as the suggestion of a border between Northern Ireland and the UK.

Further to this, the Lighthouse series investigates the tension between closeness and distance, familial ties and separation, and identity and isolationism.

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