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We are excited to invite 3 to 6 year-olds and their grown-ups to join us on a ‘suit safari’ in our new show MORF, which will premiere at The MAC as part of Belfast Children’s Festival on 5 – 6 March.

MORF explores the magical in the everyday, as two dancers find themselves embarking on a ‘suit safari’ creating familiar animals from their suit jackets.

Can you spot the jellyfish, the elephant, the bird, and the worm as we journey together through a new fabric fantasy world of mountains, volcanos, castles and more?

This playful new dance piece shows how you can create something magical out of nothing and celebrates the joy of play, imagination, and transformation where you are only limited by your imagination!

Nicola Curry, Artistic Director of Maiden Voyage Dance said:

“A key part of encouraging creativity in young children is to share how to make something magical out of nothing. MORF is a playful new dance show which embraces change with gentle, ever-shifting movement and rhythm, celebrating the joy of play, transformation and imagination.”

The show has been created by choreographer David Ogle with performers Adam Ashford and Maeve McGreevy, lighting designer Ciaran Bagnall, costume and set designer Diana Ennis and composer Brian Irvine. ‘MORF’ is commissioned and produced by Maiden Voyage Dance.