A Bigger Picture

Belfast Photo Festival and the Northern Irish Art Network are delighted to present A Bigger Picture; a group exhibition of outstanding work by feminist and queer photographic artists from the Belfast School of Art.

The exhibition will include work by the following artists: Aisling Kane, Maria Przybylska, Joanne Mullin, Richard Gosnold, Emma Campbell, Sarah Tehan, Shannon Ritchie, Gareth Sweeney, Sophie Riddell, Molly Martin, Ryan Allen, Shane O’Neill, Adela Puterkova, Evie Williamson, Charlie Beare

Amongst Northern Irish art, particularly in relation to the Troubles, photography has been characterised as masculine and been dominated by male voices. This enduring tendency has cast a long shadow over the representation of Northern Ireland, of conflict, and on the participation and voices of women and queer artists in photography.

While Northern Irish photography has established itself internationally as having a distinct and recognisable sensibility, noted for its insistence on subjectivity and sensitivity, it remains widely viewed as a male terrain. This view is reinforced by the gender imbalance in recent homegrown surveys as well as in the current makeup of the national collections.

This exhibition offers a countertext to the omissions in representation engendered by the dominant straight white male voice. This selection of some of the outstanding student and graduate work from the Belfast School of Art presents highly nuanced and challenging perspectives on Northern Ireland.

Exhibition curated by Dr. Clare Gallagher (Lecturer in Photography, Belfast School of Art), in partnership with the Northern Irish Art Network (Clare Gormley & Anna Liesching), as part of the network’s Feminist and Queer Histories season. Delivered in association with Ulster Presents at Ulster University

The exhibition takes place at Golden Thread Gallery from  12th May to 9th July.