About Studies Allied to Built Environment Research

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Studies Allied to Built Environment Research (SABER) is a new research centre established in January 2015. It was formed to stimulate a research environment across a range of areas within construction and civil engineering.

Our research themes include:

  • materials used in highway engineering
  • hydraulic scour of river channels
  • geo-polymers
  • non-contact methods of measurement
  • procurement
  • civic ecology and life infrastructure

SABER aims to develop cutting-edge research and practice in multi-disciplinary areas both locally within Northern Ireland and internationally. We bring a practice based expertise to a range of complex issues that are common to our built environment. SABER supports a 'hands-on active research' model, engaging with institutions, industry, professional bodies, policy-makers and communities.

SABER seeks to:

  • Build a practical and theoretical understanding of multi-disciplinary relationships within our built environment.
  • Examine the role of international and domestic practice to facilitate a better built environment for all.
  • Develop links between Northern Ireland and international experience, so as to benefit both Northern Ireland and other contexts.
  • Inform policy makers involved in looking after the built environment.
  • Critically examine failings and provide solutions to current practice.