The Centre for Research on Property and Planning (RPP) is recognised as one of the leaders in the UK for this discipline. The RPP has a global reach through its activities and international collaborations.

We embrace research activities across property/real estate research, housing, regeneration, planning, sustainability and the urban environment. RPP operates on different levels: international, national, regional and local with a focus on applied and empirical aspects of research which have policy implications. Best practice and the transfer of knowledge lies at the heart of the activities within RPP. This is reflected in the diversity of our research findings and the use of different media to share the results of our research.

Economic conditions, investment and employment, public policy and government expenditure, societal expectations and environmental limits, such as climate change and natural resource availability, have all shaped the context of which the built environment operates and are key drivers RPP's research. For example, the fragility of urban systems is reflected in the theme of urban security with risk and resilience of the built environment and response to extreme environmental, economic and financial conditions allowing research informed ideas and solutions.

Staff members of RPP have an impressive record of producing research in the form of papers for leading academic journals, books, chapters in books, reports and other outputs. Most members of RPP are involved in editorial boards or they review for key journals and regularly present papers at leading research conferences. We are proud to have a number of overseas scholars and visiting professors, which reflects the international scope of our activities.

Research projects have been funded through;

Research students studying for PhD degrees are an important aspect of the RPP and make a positive contribution to our research environment and ethos. Drawn from both the domestic and international market PhD students are engaged in research activity across a wide range of themes relevant to property and planning research.