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Ulster University lecturer awarded over £400,000 for childhood cancer research

Dr Kyle Matchett has been awarded a five-year Career Establishment Award of £415,000 from The Little Princess Trust

29 September 2020

NI school governor system reinforces division, says report

The way schools in Northern Ireland are governed reinforces community division, a new report suggests. That is one of the conclusions of newly published research from Ulster University's Unesco centre of education. Every school has a board of

8 September 2020

Eating after 6pm linked to poor diet, Ulster University study finds

Research carried out by Judith Baird from Ulster University's Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE), has suggested there is a link between eating more in the evening and eating more calories overall, as well as a lower quality of

1 September 2020

Back pain: Five simple steps you should follow to ease painful symptoms

BACK PAIN hurts and can make everything slightly less pleasant. Whether a dull ache or a more intense sensation, there's something you can do about it. The School of Health Sciences, at Ulster University in the UK, reported that sitting for too long

24 August 2020

'Floodgates opened' on house sales as prices start to settle

'Floodgates opened' on house sales as prices start to settle Average house prices are stabilising, according to the latest figures released by Ulster University. But Northern Ireland will have to wait until the end of the year before the true impact

19 August 2020

Research shows house prices hold up in Northern Ireland despite pandemic

Research shows house prices hold up in Northern Ireland despite pandemic. HOUSING transactions in Northern Ireland were at just a quarter of their 2019 of levels during April, May and June, which saw the market essentially close due to the

19 August 2020

Social distance of 1m could preserve 30,000 NI jobs

Social distance of 1m could preserve 30,000 NI jobs The change in social distancing guidance from 2m to 1m could help preserve up to 30,000 jobs in Northern Ireland, new research suggests. Ulster University economists have been examining which jobs

18 August 2020

How we may experience psychosis at some stage in our lives

Opinion: we need to realise that people who experience psychosis are not as 'mad' as we might have thought By Dr Grainne McAnee is a Research Associate at the Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing at Ulster University. Psychosis is a

7 August 2020

Ulster University’s Dr Mark Matthews to present knee pain research at international webinar

Dr Mark Matthews will be presenting his findings from a clinical trial on knee pain in an international webinar- Friday 7th August 5-8pm (AEST Time)

6 August 2020

Pathways to recovery for the Northern Ireland economy from COVID-19

The Ulster University Economic Policy Centre (UUEPC) have just published their third paper on the economic consequences of COVID-19 on the Northern Ireland economy. The first two papers assessed the scale of the impact in 2020 but this third paper

5 August 2020

Ulster University researchers part of advisory group on StopCOVID NI app

The group advised on development and roll out of the new StopCOVID NI app

1 August 2020

New StopCOVID NI App praised for setting a benchmark for data privacy

Northern Ireland's new Covid-19 contact tracing app has been praised for addressing concerns about data privacy. Amnesty International, which wrote to the Stormont Executive in May about privacy and human rights protections, last night welcomed

1 August 2020

International student juggles parenthood to graduate with a PhD

Jyotsna Talreja Wassan graduates with a PhD in Computer Science

31 July 2020

Government-backed COVID-19 antibody finger-prick test could be ready for home use "within months"

A rapid finger-prick test for COVID-19 antibodies — manufactured by a government-backed group — could be licensed for home use “in the coming months”, says the manufacturer. The AbC-19 Rapid Test has received its CE mark for use by

31 July 2020

Key ‘Troubles’ Documents now available online through National Archives of Ireland partnership with CAIN

960 documents added to the Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN) website

30 July 2020

What's the science behind the weather forecast?

How historic data about weather events can tell us about what comes next.

23 July 2020

How safe is TikTok? Euronews asks the experts

TikTok is facing an increased amount of scrutiny on the way it stores our data. It is feared the Beijing-based app may be required by the Chinese government to hand over user information, if not now, in the future. The app has always denied it would

16 July 2020

Ulster University professor receives prestigious Nursing Fellowship

Professor McIlfatrick is the only RCN member from Northern Ireland to receive the Fellowship this year

16 July 2020