Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A KTP is a three-way partnership between a business, a university, and a high-calibre graduate known as an associate, that offers a company a chance to collaborate on a business opportunity, idea or innovation to help the business gain the knowledge and capability it needs.

Ulster University has a current portfolio of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) worth £3.1m and a healthy pipeline of new applicants.

Ulster has maintained its 10th place position against other universities in the UK KTP ranking list.

We’ve delivered over 200 KTP  projects working with businesses to marry research with industry and help provide solutions to help them develop and grow.

During a KTP , businesses can access Ulster's expertise, specialist equipment and facilities through direct collaboration.

There are also a number of funding opportunities available to support these projects.

Benefits of a KTP

  • Developing market leading innovative solutions
  • Improving quality of product/service design
  • Developing new products
  • Improving operational processes
  • Reducing costs and increasing revenue
  • Enabling co-creation of intellectual assets

The KTP associate is responsible for leading and implementing the project and is based within the business as part of the team, meeting with their academic or research supervisor on a regular basis.

The project usually lasts about two years and during that time knowledge and skills developed is transferred to existing company staff members, embedding new capabilities company-wide.

Applying Technology to a HealthCare Problem

Case study on how we bring expertise from our world-leading research into tangible collaborations with industry partners by putting smart sensing technologies into supportive devices for children with disabilities.

Knowledge Exchange Statement

Read our knowledge Exchange Statement.

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