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Distinguished Learning and Teaching Support Fellowship awards scheme (2002/2003 - 2016/17)  Previous Winners:

Individual recipients
2015 Richard Beggs
2015 Michaela Black
2014 Clare Carruthers
2012 Catherine Hack
2012 David Comiskey
2011 Stephen McClean
2010 David Barr
2010 Paul Moore
2008 Elaine Urquhart
2007 Cathy Gormley-Heenan
2007 Heather Farley
2006 Timothy McLernon
2005 Kenneth Houston
2005 Thomas Maguire
2005 Anthony Cook
2005 Noel Wilson
2004 Deborah Fraser
2004 Sandra Griffiths
2004 Tara Moore
2003 Harold Harvey
2003 Vivien Coates
2002 Keith Adams
2002 Frank Forsythe
2002 Jonathan Wallace

Team awards

* Lead member of team application.

Team Awards
2016 David Comiskey* In a team with Mark McKane,  Robert Eadie, School of Built Environment, Andrew Jaffrey, Gerard Ross, ADDL
2015 Paul McKenzie* In a team with Sally Cook and Stephen Roulston
2014 Judith Wylie* In a team with Gillian Armstrong, Claire McCann, Paul Stewart, Helen Foster and Brian Byers
2014 Grainne McKeever* In a team with Ciarán White, Esther McGuinness, Eugene McNamee, Kathy Sinclair and Emilie Daly
2011 Melanie Giles*, Joan Condell*, Amanda Zacharopoulou*  
2010 Aine McKillop* In a team with Jacqueline O'Connor
2009 Sally Cook* In a team with Richard Douglas & Alan Cooper
2008 Rosemary Moreland* In a team with Isobel Hawthorne-Steele and Eilish Rooney
2008 Colin Turner* In a team with Gordon Crawford, Phillip Houston, Ronald Laird, Seamus McConomy & Damian McGivern
2007 Stephen McClean* In a team with Paul Hagan & David Ruddick
2006 Damian McGivern* In a team with Gordon Crawford, Roisin Curran, Greg Kelly, Sarah Maguire, Richard Millar, Peter Nicholl & Colin Turner
2006 Martin McGinnity* In a team with Michael Callaghan, Jim Harkin, Maeve Paris & Derek Woods