Anna Neagle - Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania, USA

Written by Anna Neagle, Law LLB Hons, Study USA 2021/22

03 Feb 2023   1 min read

Anna Neagle - Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania, USA

The best experience, that has changed my life forever!


In 2021/22 studied at Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania with the Study USA programme. One of the highlights for me was being able to experience American culture while studying.

I got to go to American Football games on our campus and celebrate with my classmates, as well as watch the Super Bowl live, even though I didn't fully understand what was going on. Another highlight was going to my friend's house over Thanksgiving and getting to see what the holiday is really like.

We made pies, baked cookies, had a Thanksgiving meal with her family and cut down a Christmas Tree!

Major Challenge

One of the major challenges was living halfway across the world. I did learn a lot about independence and how I react to different situations while relying on myself. Another challenge was having to live with a roommate for the first time and I learnt how to live along side someone and set boundaries.

Making Friends

I knew I'd be the only student from Northern Ireland studying at Lebanon Valley College so I knew I had to make friends and I made it one of my first priorities when I arrived. I join the College Choir which was a great way for me to make friends and I soon had a really great group around me. We went on day trips and trips to Walmart together and my American friends would invite me to stay with them during College holidays. I have made friends for life through this and I can't wait to see them again!

Embrace the experience

Take part in any college traditions and really embrace the experience you will get from this. Students take such pride in their College, especially when it can to wearing college merch or team colours during games.


Definitely travel as much as possible and enjoy the time with your friends as much as possible, it'll be over before you know it! Throughout the year in America I got to travel to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Gettysburg.

My advice

Lastly, my advice would be to just take the chance and embrace all the opportunities you are given. It's one of the best things I have ever done in my life!