Luke Marshall - University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA

Written by Luke Marshall, BSc Hons BSc(Hons) Sports Science. ISEP Study Abroad, 2019/20.

12 Dec 2022   0 min read

Luke Marshall - University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA

ISEP 2019/20

"Generally shy and struggle in new situations, but Nebraskans were friendly. Thanks to them!"

Why I applied

On my Exchange application I chose University of Nebraska in Omaha as I am passionate about sport. This institution offered a wheelchair basketball programme and was the only ISEP university that had this specific programme.

The most memorable moment I had while studying abroad was having the opportunity to experience all the competitive sports on campus and getting to experience the great atmosphere from the crowd.


I was able to travel to Chicago, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Iowa and Milwaukee with basketball team, and meet up with UU student in Chicago from Study USA programme.

The programme helped increase my confidence, gave me an insight into another country and was an amazing overall experience.

Get involved in sports or society!