Michael Doherty - Hanover College, Indiana, USA

Written by Michael Doherty, Accounting BSc, Study USA 2021/22

10 Feb 2023   1 min read

Michael Doherty - Hanover College, Indiana, USA

Study USA Programme, 2021/22

100% go for it. Go in with an open mind, actively put yourself out there and enjoy!"

Where I studied

In 2021/22 I studied at Hanover College, Indiana with the Study USA programme which was the experience of a lifetime!

On of the differences between Ulster University and Hanover College was the culture of the campus. It was completely different from home.

With close to 100% of students living on campus and even some professors, there was a lot more campus involvement and events going on that at back home at Ulster.

American students are very outgoing and friendly and like to meet new people, especially if you're Irish! I made lots of new friends while abroad, Hanover has a lot of international students who are all friendly with each other.

As a small knit campus, everyone nearly knows each other so it was easy to make friends. Joining a fraternity and college golf team definitely helped too!

Also, the academic system is completely different from home but it became easy when showing up to all classes and actively participating!

My biggest challenge

The big challenge was moving across the world on my own to a small college I had never seen before, but I fitted in immediately with the help of other international students in the same boat.


The highlight of my Study USA experience was definitely travelling around different cities in the US and meeting new friends from all over the world. I would advise anyone who takes part in Study USA to travel as much as possible.

I was lucky and travelled on any breaks I had. Nashville, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Chicago, Gulf Shores along with close by cities of Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati!

My advice for any Ulster Students who have applied or who are interested in applying for Study USA is to 100% go for it. Go in with an open mind, actively put yourself out there and enjoy!