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ESRC Festival of Social Science

3 to 10 November 2018

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2018 programme for the ESRC Festival of Social Science in Northern Ireland.

This annual celebration of the social sciences has become a regular on the Northern Ireland festival calendar.

Once again, Northern Ireland’s three universities have come together to produce an exciting programme of talks, screenings and workshops that showcase the range and quality of social-science based research carried out by our academics – everything from building peace to business ethics and migration to the menopause!

Our message throughout the festival remains the same as ever: social science research is everywhere and impacts on everyone. So if you’re a student, a policymaker, in business or simply passionate about your particular interest, then we encourage you to take a look at the programme, come along and not only listen, but have your say!

Events run by Ulster University as part of the festival are listed below.

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No upcoming events.

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