Does Design Care…? is one of the initiatives of the Design Research for Change programme delivered under the AHRC Funded Design Priority Area Leadership Fellow, Professor Paul Rodgers (AH/P013619/1 and AH/P013619/2). This programme, which includes the ongoing Does Design Care…? series of events aims to “achieve real and long-lasting transformation and impact, to enact alternative, positive, and help achieve real developments within the culture of design research that will equip it for the challenges of the future”.

Does Design Care…? is an international workshop series of design thinking, making, and acting that runs irregularly every couple of years. Does Design Care…? workshops provide a positive space for all to explore different ways to conceptualise, provoke, contest and disrupt care, and serve as a venue for synthesising future visions of care. We do not limit interpretations, boundaries, and sectors when we use the word ‘care’. Each Does Design Care…? workshop is highly interactive with participants producing a range of outputs including journal and book publications, working papers, and other creative outputs.



Does Design Care…? [1] took place at Imagination Lancaster, in 2017, and led to multi-authored research outputs including

  1. Does Design Care…? An international workshop of Design Thought and Action
  2. The Lancaster Care Charter, which was published in Design Issues (Vol. 35, No. 1) doi: 10.1162/desi_a_00522

Does Design Care…? [2] took place at Chiba University, Japan, in 2019, which led to several multi-authored outputs which stimulated further debate around care. These included;

  1. An Illustrated A to Z for the Design of Care Book
  2. The Chiba Care Protocol
  3. Design Care…? Head-to-Head debates. Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK, ISBN 978-1-86220-372-3.

Both Does Design Care…? workshops welcomed well over 30 researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to explore, discuss, and debate what it means to care from a global community including researchers based in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Israel, Iran, Sweden, UK and Japan.

Three Ulster University staff participated in Does Design Care…? [2] and since then it has been the intent to bring this workshop to Northern Ireland. Does Design Care…? [3elfast] extend the legacy of Design Research for Change and is funded through the Ulster University AHRC Impact Acceleration Account [AH/X003361/1].


Important Dates

  • Collage/ Logo and 100 Words Mission Statement Proposal Due – 23rd June 2023
  • Proposal Acceptance Notification – 30th June 2023
  • 3-day workshop at Belfast School of Art, Ulster University, UK from 4th to 6th September 2023

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