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We recommend that you attend the Orientation to Learning and Teaching at Ulster session prior to commencing the PgCHEP.

Please note this programme is only available to Ulster staff with a substantive learning and teaching support role that involves  sustained, direct engagement with learners e.g. teaching or providing learning support to Ulster University students in Higher Education for an average of 2 hours per week over the duration of each PgCHEP module.

Details about the course schedule and modules are provided below.

If your role is more limited you may wish to apply separately for either First Steps to Teaching OR undertake Module 1 of the PgCHEP (PHE 705 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education) as a stand-alone course (see below for separate application form)

Staff on fixed-term contracts

Staff with a contract of employment that extends until at least May 2024 can apply for the full two-year PgCHEP beginning AY2022/23.

Alternatively, staff with a contract of employment that extends until at least May 2023 can apply for the first module of the PgCHEP (PHE705) as a standalone.

Please contact the Course Director by emailing if you need further advice.

Any staff member seeking exemption from the PgCHEP will be expected to align their practice to the UKPSF at Descriptor 2 (i.e. FHEA), and to provide evidence of having achieved this.This would normally only apply to staff with more than three years substantive teaching experience in higher education settings.

Details of this process can be found in the Supplementary Information section below.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact

Supplementary Information

PgCHEP Course Structure

Course Structure
3 x 20 Credit Compulsory ModulesModule Timeline
Yr 1 Module: PHE705 Learning & Teaching in Higher EducationSemesters  1 & 2 (long & thin module, October - April)
Yr 2 Module: PHE708 Shaping the Curriculum in Higher EducationSemester 1 module (September - December)
Yr 2 Module: PHE707 Enhancing Learning & Teaching in Higher EducationSemester 2 module (mid-December - May)