UV Arts provide vital placement support to animation student Daisey

Learn more about the benefits of have a placement at UV Arts and the opportunity it offered Animation student Daisey Burke.

   11 March 2021

Ulster University has one of the largest programmes of work-based and placement learning across the Higher Education sector. Like other institutions we have not had the year we were expecting in terms of placement provision with many opportunities being postponed, put on hold and in some cases offers were retracted.

At first, many employers needed time to find their feet and work out their next steps, but it wasn’t long before placement opportunities started to grow again.

The success of our placement programme is largely due to the support of our strong alumni community who responded overwhelmingly to our placement campaign last September.

What placements mean to organisations

Karl Porter, current Director of UV Arts, explains:

As a leader in the field of street art, graffiti and contemporary mural arts initiatives, our not-for-profit social enterprise aims to transform people and places. With the support of Ulster University, we are able to engage with professional and creative students to help educate, promote and change perceptions of public spaces throughout Ireland.

Daisey has been a great relief for the company, the support and professional manner of Daisey has been a catalyst for the successful design, development and creation of creative and alternative assets for the company and brand but more importantly for our stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Daisey’s work placement will equip her with the practical skills to aid the further development of her creative works and educate her across a wide variety of large-scale painting methods and techniques. In exchange Daisey has been shedding light on new practices and techniques for the development of graphics and animation for the company.

What it means to placement students

Daisey Burke is a third-year student aiming for a BDes Hons in Animation who explains what this placement opportunity means to her,

I’m currently on a graphic design placement with UV Arts. I was keen to get a placement because I wanted to work in a creative space alongside experienced professionals to improve and develop my skills in an engaging way. What drew me to the opportunity at UV Arts was that it’s a very unique chance to learn more about the street art sector in Northern Ireland.

During the placement I’ve been able to undertake research and create designs for a diverse range of projects and over the next few months the focus is on gaining some practical street art skills and to work towards designing and producing murals. I definitely feel that this has been a valuable experience which has helped me grow as a designer and better prepare me for my final year.

Thinking about a placement student?

Like Karl, your business might benefit from recruiting an Ulster student like Daisey into your team. The Placement programmes at Ulster are flexible to suit a range of business needs including the traditional year-long option, to shorter term alternatives including virtual, micro and research-based options.

Benefits to your business

  • You could attract the best talent for your organisation with a specific set of skills or knowledge.
  • Raise your business profile among our students and graduates.
  • Gain the support and expertise of our Employability and Careers team.

Benefits to students

  • Students who undertake a placement are more likely to gain higher academic outcomes or graduate employment within six months of graduating than those who don't.
  • Students who undertake a year-long placement can gain additional academic credit through the Diploma in Professional Practice.
  • Placements contribute to increased success in the students' academic studies and their future careers.

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