Graduate Merchandise Sales Fund Learning Packs for Local Schools

Ulster University supports local primary schools in Causeway Coast and Glens area through production learning resources.

   28 June 2020

As part of Ulster University’s programme of support for local communities during COVID-19, we were delighted to see that proceeds from the sale of Ulster University merchandise, purchased by graduates, staff and supporters, have been invested in the local communities of the Causeway Coast and Glens area to help primary schools produce learning resource packs for their pupils.

Lecturers and PGCE Primary students from the University’s School of Education created both electronic and hard copy learning resource packs for parent and pupil learning, meaning they were readily accessible at home for free via Google Classroom. For those without computer access, learning booklets and resources were created. To date, 500 school children have benefited from the packs and more will do so when schools start back in August.

The packs contained a wide range of fun and exciting lessons, resources and learning activities suitable for all primary aged children in each area of learning. Short video tutorials will also be included in each lesson for the parent and pupil to view on how to easily create stimulating learning resources at home. They also contained vital supplies such as pens, pencils and colouring pencils, erasers and assorted paper for those unable to access the digital version.

Philip Reid, Principal of Millstrand Integrated PS had this to say about the support they received:

“The packs were an unexpected surprise and were greatly appreciated. To receive such a wide range of really useful, quality materials during lockdown has been of great benefit to our key workers' children.  Art and craft activities have proved exceptionally beneficial during this difficult time and the resources provided by Ulster University have significantly extended the scope of the activities that can be done.”

Dr David Barr, Head of the School of Education added:

“Our student teachers were both excited and so well prepared for their placements that they are now disappointed that they will not be able to complete their school experiences in local schools in the coming months.

“Nevertheless, the School of Education at Ulster University recognises that this is a challenging time for primary school staff and parents, and by providing these resource packs, we hope we can offer something new and exciting that will help to motivate the children.”