Animation Ireland’s fourth awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent we have within the Irish Animation, VFX and gaming industries took place last month.

There was success all round for our Ulster University alumni.  Please join us as we celebrate the winners and send them all massive congratulations!

Paper Owl Films Ltd

Paper Owl Films Ltd is a family run business creating content that matters for audiences all over the world.  Founded in 2012 by Ulster University alumnus Gavin Halpin along with his two business partners, the successful company comprises of a diverse team of storytellers, film makers, animators and creators.

Animation Ireland Award

  • Best Writer For Preschool Animation award goes to Pablo: Andrew Brenner: Paper Owl Films

Sixteen South

Sixteen South was founded in 2007 by Ulster University alumnus Colin Williams.  Although being repeatedly told not to try to make television for children in Belfast because it’s ‘not what we do here’, 13 years later, Sixteen South is one of the largest, busiest and most successful creators and producers of television for children in the world. 

Born and bred in Belfast, Colin graduated from the Ulster University with a first class honours degree in Design, winning the Institute of Designers overall national award for the best Irish design graduate in all disciplines, which recognises outstanding creativity and imagination. Colin was also the recipient of the AIB/Ulster University Distinguished Graduate Award in 2017.

Animation Ireland Award

  • Best Animated Preschool Series award goes to Claude - Twinkle Toes Terry: Colin Williams, Tim Harper: Sixteen South

Cartoon Saloon

Oscar-nominated Kilkenny studio, Cartoon Saloon, came away with four fantastic awards on the night.  Ulster University alumnus, Paul Young, co-founded the award-winning animation studio in 1999.  Through his educational background, Paul studied a foundation course in Animation and then went on to complete a combined degree in Art and Design at Ulster University.

Animation Ireland Awards for Cartoon Saloon

  • Best Art Direction And Design award goes to Wolfwalkers: Maria Pareja
  • Best Director Of An Animated Series award goes to Dorg Van Dango: Fabian Erlinghauser, Matt Ferguson
  • Best Animation Sequence award goes to Wolfwalkers
  • Best Music award goes to Dorg Van Dango: Leo Pearson

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These awards are testament to the hard work and creativity of our wonderful alumni.  Congratulations all - we are so proud of you.

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