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Whether it’s supporting access to education from underrepresented groups, helping students excel by enhancing their academic experience, supporting our elite athletes financially to help them balance studying, training, and competing at the highest level, or contributing to life-saving cutting-edge research and interventions, every gift can make a difference.

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Hear how donations are helping students realise their ambitions:

April Canning

Serendipity Scholar

April is a final year Adult Nursing student and was awarded the Serendipity Scholarship from the Student Opportunity Fund. Hear how this transformed her journey and helped her achieve more than she could have ever imagined.

Mark Dornan

Travel Opportunity Scholar

Mark talks about how the Scholarship funded by donations from alumni and staff to the Student Opportunity Fund allowed him to travel to Canada to enhance his PhD.

Zoe Thompson

Academic Excellence Winner

Zoe Thompson was selected as the winner of the Academic Excellence Award in 2021 for her Faculty following her excellent exam results. The Student Opportunity Fund provides awards to top students after their First Year of study to reward and encourage.

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“There is always an example in giving and with education costs mounting it is very meaningful to give a helping hand, especially to those who face challenges.”

Gillian McColgan

McColgan Engineering Fund

Anisa Mkuwu

“When I was at University I was very grateful for the financial support I received from other people.  It helped me in pursuing my dreams.  As I support the Fund, I hope it will encourage and enable more students to realise their potential and overcome their financial difficulties. I  trust that more alumni will get involved and help support this great cause.”

Anisa Mkuwu

Alumnus supporting the Ulster University Student Opportunity Fund

Ulster University has a uniquely important role to play

Ulster University has a uniquely important role to play in building a better Northern Ireland, a prosperous, inclusive, self-reliant and confident Northern Ireland with much to offer the wider world.