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Self-Awareness and Reflection

You will gain these graduate attribute skills:

Enhancing Potential Enhancing Potential

Personal Confidence & Resilience Personal Confidence & Resilience

Growth Mindset Growth Mindset

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This activity encourages students to utilise a suite of online self-assessments to help them understand their motivations, preferences and values.

Outline of Activity

This activity encourages students to utilise a suite of online self-assessments to help them understand their motivations, preferences and values which includes topics such as 'Understanding your Strengths', 'Personal Resilience', 'Learning Styles' and 'Emotional Intelligence'. By completing these assessments, it can offer individual insight, begin to plan their career journey and even implement them in everyday life. It will also help students to develop a plan of how to secure rewarding internship, work experience, placement and graduate opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop self-awareness of your transferable, employability skills, knowledge and experiences through your degree and extra-curricular activities to enable career decision making.
  • Explore and research what is required to progress into a range of career options relating to, and outside of your subject.
  • Articulate how you intend to develop professionally and personally, to enrich your student and graduate experience.

Assessment Details

Complete 4 career assessments on the Tools (Abintegro) platform *Provide a screen shot at the end of each assessment as evidence*

A personal SWOT Analysis - By completing a SWOT Analysis you can quickly and succinctly identify your Strengths and Weaknesses, how to uncover/exploit Opportunities and aware/eliminate Threats.

Level of Commitment

Students are required to complete 4 self-assessments (using the Abintegro platform), and a SWOT analysis to highlight findings from the self-assessments. Create your own SWOT template or use an online template of your choice. Alternatively request a template by emailing b.byers@ulster.ac.uk

Questions and final submissions can be submitted via this link

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Brian Byers

Student & Graduate Opportunities Manager

Student and Graduate Opportunities Team



Graduate Attributes

Enhancing Potential image

Enhancing Potential

A student who displays this skill can:

  • identify development gaps and establish goals that are achievement focused
  • seek ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development
Personal Confidence & Resilience image

Personal Confidence & Resilience

A student who displays this skill can:

  • understand individual emotions and triggers
  • manage stress and stay composed in difficult situations
  • be resilient, adaptable and flexible when dealing with change or uncertainty
Growth Mindset image

Growth Mindset

A student who displays this skill can:

  • confidently explore new directions and take on new challenges
  • proactively make decisions and take responsibility for actions
  • encourage progress by assessing and taking risks