Regional Commitment

We bring the benefits of our research and teaching expertise to the wider region, driving innovation, investment and access to opportunity.

We will continue to invest in our distinctive campuses, enabling each location to be a catalyst for economic development and driver of social enrichment.

  • Single unitary institution
  • Better campus ‘balance’
  • Pan-regional presence – we are here
  • Our Cross Border context

“Social mobility has never been more important or more challenging but when businesses collaborate in their local markets, anything can be accomplished. The creation of this apprenticeship gives people from a broad range of backgrounds a different way to build a career in PwC, learning relevant market skills that will support future growth while helping us solve important problems and building trust in society. We all benefit by creating and being part of teams that provide diversity of thought and experience."

Deborah Stevenson, Operate Director, PwC


Our breath-taking and vibrant spaces are designed to inspire collaboration and deliver transformative experiences for all.

We will continue to ensure our state-ofthe-art teaching and research spaces are equipped to foster innovation, creativity and economic development across the region.

  • Social space is important
  • Space for peer-to-peer student collaboration
  • Learning community
  • Research community
  • Spaces that are increasingly sustainable
  • New investment across our estate to develop teaching and research, including the City Deals initiative

“We are very proud to have partnered with Ulster University in the opening of the new IT lab. The North West is an integral part of the Allstate NI organisation and this collaboration will help boost the local economy. We’re thrilled to be able to improve student experiences at Ulster University by providing them with top quality resources and look forward to seeing how the IT industry continues to grow in the North West.”

John Healy, Vice President & Managing Director, Allstate Northern Ireland

“The developments in the School of Psychology have been massively beneficial to our researchers. We now have world leading researchers working in an excellent research environment. Our PhD researchers have a great experience in excellent facilities. Just as importantly our students are just outside the door and seeing this research activity close up.”

Professor Victoria Simms, Research Director


There is an extensive civic benefit from our work and we have always worked to support the development of communities, rich in the cultural, health, wellbeing and wider resources that our University presence provides.

We will continue to build those connections, giving the passion and purpose of local leaders the means and support to make real and lasting change for stronger communities and the benefit of all.

  • University spaces, in these places
  • Renewed commitment to schools outreach
  • Widening participation
  • Fundamentally civic
  • Driver of innovation, investment and cultural enrichment

“The North Belfast Community Benefit Framework provides an opportunity to develop a new level of partnership working between the North Belfast Community and the University to realise the potential social, educational, environmental and economic benefits that could arise from the relocation of Ulster University to North Belfast. This Benefit Framework is our joint commitment to work together to create real and tangible benefits for our community and to show how the rich fabric of our community can create real benefit for the University.”

Joanne Kinnear, CEO, Ashton Centre

“Key links between Ulster University and Ballysally Primary School have been forged in recent years with campus facilities being opened to pupils to enhance their academic, physical and wellbeing needs. University staff have been involved in creative, fun and challenging pupil and parent experiences within the school setting. Through making these vital connections, inspiration and aspiration are afforded the opportunity to replace often pre-conceived prejudices and barriers to learning. In a post covid-19 world, we would very much hope to take further strategic steps to promote the culture of holistic life-long learning which benefits society in a multiplicity of ways.”

Geoff Dunn, Principal, Ballysally Primary School

“The recipient of this award is extremely hard working and committed to using their position and knowledge to educate and empower others. He has gone over and beyond to support the work of North West Migrants Forum and its members. His devotion to promoting peace and reconciliation is commendable and we can’t thank him enough.”

Dr Philip McDermott, awarded the North West Migrants Forum ‘Breaking Barriers’ Award for his work in promoting racial equality. The NW Migrants Forum