Placing sustainability at the centre of what we do:
because we are custodians of the future.

  • Investing with the long term in mind
  • Proactively managing our impact with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Providing vibrant campus-based higher education:
because learning is fundamentally a social activity.

  • Investing in spaces for people
  • Investing in places for communities

Enhancing the social life of our campuses:
because social interaction at university enriches learning and wellbeing.

  • Investing in sport, leisure and culture
  • Building connections between people

Maintaining a multi-campus model for our region-wide delivery:
because wider geographical presence drives wider opportunities for participation in higher education.

  • Driving the regional economy
  • Creating opportunities for all

Investing in a broad-based research-led higher education offering:
because knowledge creation should not be constrained.

  • Offering a diverse portfolio of courses
  • Fusing research and teaching to address the challenges of our time

Being a key partner for industry: because our research, skills, and talent development give us and employers a competitive edge

  • Driving innovation
  • Building a skills pipeline for the economy and wider society

Being a key partner for the cultural and social life of our communities:
because shared life experiences define our society.

  • Enacting outreach, transforming lives
  • Partnering with the community

Taking proactive stances on equality, diversity, and inclusion:
because togetherness and partnership enrich us and our work.

  • Celebrating all people
  • Providing opportunities for all communities

Helping our staff achieve a work-life balance that allows them to flourish in both:
because people come first

  • Promoting better health
  • Enabling fair career progression