Internal University Community

The collaboration already at play within the University results in some of our most innovative external impacts.

We will nurture this innate spirit and drive within Ulster, working together, consistently creating anew and delivering for our distinctive region.

  • Single unitary institution
  • Multi-disciplinary research
  • Cross-faculty provision
  • Academic and professional services working
  • Staff/student partnerships
  • Employee Relations

“The delivery of legal services is evolving quickly, and depends increasingly on the overlapping disciplines of data science. Ulster University’s new ‘Corporate Law, Computing and Innovation’ course is an exciting opportunity to acquire the practical knowledge and skills that are much in demand, as legal practices of all types equip themselves with the resources they need to support markets, commerce and society in the new data-centric era.”

Stephen Bartlett, EMEA Regional. General Counsel & Global Co-Head, Markets and Securities Services, Legal, Citi

“Dementia NI members are proud to have helped create an online resource that presents a personal connection to an individual’s past, we believe the inspireD app, developed by researchers from Ulster University’s Schools of Nursing, Computing and the Belfast School of Art in partnership with Dementia NI and local app developer Scaffold Digital, will deliver significant person-centred benefits when assisting those living with dementia to recall past life history and positively engage with their family and carers.”

Ashleigh Davis, Empowerment Officer, Dementia NI

External and regional Community

Through collaboration with industry, businesses, and the professions, we are highly attuned to the needs of our distinctive regional economy. We play a pivotal role in stimulating entrepreneurship and nurturing innovation.

We are working in partnership with policy makers and employers, we are creating a pipeline of highly skilled graduates fit to take their place and make an impact in our fast-changing world.

  • Partner for/with business
  • Knowledge transfer/exchange
  • Working with government
  • Embracing our communities
  • Connected tertiary education
  • Cross border collaboration and provision

“The Screen Academy at Ulster University understands the opportunities that real-time 3D skills unlock across digital media, film, animation, and games design. It's wonderful to see how they are preparing students across so many disciplines for exciting careers with Unreal Engine-based offerings. We are proud to recognise them as Unreal Academic Partners, as well as being the first in Northern Ireland."

Julie Lottering, Director of Unreal. Engine Education, Epic Games

“The Innovation Centre based in Belfast is a world-class centre of excellence, harnessing local innovation to make a global impact for BT and our customers. Belfast plays an integral role in our global research and development capabilities, and I am delighted that our partnership with Ulster University has been acknowledged by these leading local and UK industry awards.”

Award-winning BT Ireland Innovation. Centre with Ulster University. Mark O’Flaherty, BT

Global community

We are in Northern Ireland and we are around the world. With our global partners we have branch campuses in London and Birmingham and transnational provision across the world. We will continue to create transformational learning and research opportunities that inspire, develop and support our students and staff to reach new horizons.

  • International research collaborations
  • Collaborative taught provision
  • Student mobility – inward and outward
  • International recruitment and diversity
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

“The age-old fissure between brain-like intelligence and artificial intelligence is narrowing. The key to progress is that disciplines like mathematics, computer science, biology and psychology are teaching and learning from each other. Since its inception, the Intelligent Systems Research Centre in Derry is at the forefront of this research and pedagogical approach, not only in the UK and the island of Ireland, but worldwide.”

Professor J.A. Scott Kelso, Florida Atlantic University