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Pro-Chancellor John Hunter

John Hunter


Ulster University has always been about progress. The idea of moving forward, renewal and growth are woven into our history and will continue to shape our future.

Our roots stretch back to the 1840s when Magee was established in Derry~Londonderry and the School of Art and Design was inaugurated in Belfast. Both these founding institutions were very much civic in nature and established through the goodwill and spirit of altruism of those civic leaders of the day. The University we know today was established in 1984 and continued an ethos of higher education developing society. The legend for the coat of arms ‘To Build Anew’ influenced by a WB Yeats poem, was embodied in the new university. A university that was deeply grounded within the community with a strong sense of civic responsibility. Those individuals behind the institution were determined that it would make a difference.

Ulster University has done just that and delivered a legacy we can be proud of. With over 25,000 students we are one of the largest universities on these islands. Internationally, we are amongst the top 3% of universities and within the world’s top 150 young universities. Our overall student satisfaction has consistently outperformed national benchmarks. And we have established ourselves as research leaders, nationally and globally, in many of our areas of expertise.

This strategic plan has reframed those original objectives of the University and, by putting them within a modern context, sets a clear vision for the future.

Five Year Strategic Plan
Fiftieth Year Strategic Vision